Oh, Delta

I'm sitting in the airport in Raleigh waiting to board for Minneapolis, hoping eventually to make it to Rapid City, SD by 7pm. Our flight is delayed of course. Anytime I fly out after 9am it seems there's a delay. Sigh 🙄lol.
Since I will be on vacation this wknd this may be my only time to write. Reflecting on this last week, it has been very FULL. Full of work, stress, accomplishment, and drive. I staged two houses this week, both of them my own listings. The first one is a place about 45 minutes away- there was a tenant who has moved out and it is now vacant. Taryn and I loaded up my Jeep with some props and I "mini-speed-staged" on Tuesday night. I will include the before and after video; I let Taryn (who is 9) film the after. She likes having jobs 😊. Even though there isn't much "stuff" (this was a mini-mini job due to time), I think the after definitely is an improvement.
The second house I staged is a listing that will be coming on the market next week. That is my "big job". I loaded up my truck, my husband's truck, and my horse trailer (very clean, I never use it lol) and I still need to go back with another full load or two to finish. I'll film or take pics of that next week. What I learned this week is I NEED A BOX TRUCK!
Okay, we're boarding. I knew if I started writing that would happen! Bon voyage!

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