Asking for Home Work

This morning I went to unlock a house here in Hampstead for an inspector to help
out a friend of mine who works with me at Keller Williams; she's the listing agent. The home was vacant so I took the opportunity to give myself a tour- it's one I've driven by countless times and always wondered what it's like on the inside because the outside is stunning. It's an older home so it doesn't have a big open floor plan or expansive vaulted ceilings, and the rooms don't flow like the cookie-cutter new construction of today. As the listing agent described it, it's very unique. I walked thru several times and I started putting together in my imagination how this home's new family might LIVE in the space. I added color with artwork, function with furniture, and flow with the whole package. It's all in my head just begging to be put to work! I left the house with my fire lit and texted her about my new venture and offered my services, sent a link to my website so she'll know I'm "legit" ;). She will need to talk to her sellers; I haven't heard anything either way yet. But even just anticipating being able to bring my vision to life makes me giddy.
I have personally looked at a hundred houses with our multiple relocations over the past 20 years, and as a realtor I have shown hundreds more. No matter what anyone else sees, I always see a place that could be GREAT. I can't fix it structurally, but aesthetically YES. Time will tell, but if this bubbling happiness inside of me just thinking about it is any indication, I'd say I've found my niche.

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